Northern Offshore Services enters into a commercial agreement with Opielok Offshore Carriers

Northern Offshore Services has entered into a commercial agreement with Opielok Offshore Carriers GmbH & Co. KG., to take on management of the vessel OOC NERZ.

Opielok Offshore Carriers chose Northern Offshore Services due to a recognition of the many years of growth and success in managing and chartering Crew Transfer Vessels in the international Offshore Wind industry, together with their reputation of always delivering high quality services in a safe and reliable way. Opielok Offshore Carriers, with its outstanding performance and safety record  within the Offshore Oil & Gas industry, as well as its ability to commercially and technically manage large vessels equipped with Dynamic Position and Gangway systems such as PSVs, AHTs and SOVs, is recognized as a reputable and reliable Owner and Operator in its area. Opielok Offshore Carriers and Northern Offshore Services believe that these combined skills and experiences will lead to a very rewarding relationship and increased market offering for the future and that this agreement is the first step towards a very successful cooperation.

OOC NERZ is a highly specified 26 meters StratCat design vessel, capable of transferring 24 technicians to offshore facilities.

“We are very happy with this agreement and look forward to presenting OOC NERZ to our customers.” (Fredrik Hallqvist, CCO, Northern Offshore Services).