Our personnel

Completing our mission 365 days per year requires the best from our crews

At NOS we have a unique personnel policy for our crews. We have two crews for every CTV. All crewmembers are employed full-time by NOS: No one starts their shift tired from their other part time job.

We provide a comprehensive back up support structure, which is available 24/7, and staffed by highly technically and operationally competent personnel.

At NOS the phrase “our employees is our most valuable asset” is not a cliché.

Crew transfer vessel crew

Our personnel policy is unique for a CTV-operator.

We employ all our personnel full time and have a double crew on all vessels. Crews work approximately two weeks and have two weeks off. Crewmembers onboard are always rested and alert.

This also allows for flexibility – changing working hours on a specific day in order to meet a weather window, for example. We always have a full crew, familiar with that particular vessel and its specific missions, from which to select a replacement if necessary. Standby crews can be onsite within 12-24 hours. If we have several vessels at the same site we provide an on site manager to ensure quick and efficient communications.

This method is appreciated not only by customers, but also among the crew. As a result we are able to recruit the best captains and crew around. The majority of our Masters have been at sea their entire working lives. Our seamen are highly experienced and possess the right mentality.

All new employees are given a hands-on course with our vessels and our quality system is explained. When arriving at a new project all our masters are well prepared and fully briefed. All personnel serving on vessels managed by Northern Offshore Services have passed Basic Safety (Sea Survival), First Aid, Fire Fighting courses etc.

All onboard crew hold certificates issued by STCW-95, for safe manning aboard and are directly employed by Northern Offshore Services.

Onshore Management

On call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Our designated office team handles the project structure, including communication, logistics and other items. By organizing this well in advance of the desired date, we ensure a smooth and successful project launch.

Project management and support facilities are based at the Northern Offshore Services headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden and at our office in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our onshore organisation can support our vessels quickly and professionally.

We provide a duty officer, Designated Person (DP) 365 days per year, 24 hours.


Dedicated personnel ensure that all of our operations are in line with our HSEQ-manual (SMS) and meet additional requirements specified by the client.

We will always do our outmost to fulfil our client’s demands.

ISO 9001
- ISO 14001
- ISO OHSAS 18001