Multipurpose Vessels – used in a variety of projects.

Northern Offshore Services provides a wide range of services for our clients. You can read a few specific, brief examples of services we have performed below.

  • Crew and cargo transports for the offshore industry in several locations and different types of seas for more than 100 clients; energy companies, construction companies, ship owners, government organisations etc.
  • Paint services on offshore installations with in house riggers/painters, such as non-destructive testing inspections, surface preparation and painting.
  • Refuelling personnel; also includes maintenance and refuelling of generators.
  • Survey and ROV.
  • VIP, diver and stand-by vessels.
  • Special services; bunker operations or electrical supply for wind farms.
  • Heavy cargo transport at high-speed: Our multipurpose vessels are able to carry up to 50 000kg at high cruising speed.

Do not hesitate to come to us with your requirements: however great the challenge, we believe we can provide you with a complete solution!